Novel Progress

As I get closer to the end of my novel, a lot of mixed feelings are floating through my head. Granted I still have a lot of editing and revision to do but the main story is almost complete. When I began, I didn’t know how “police procedural” Treasure Hills would be. There are several parts that still need to be worked on to give it that authentic feel but most of it is Carlos’s journey and his relationship with Henry, his ex and his brother David. His journey between evolves throughout the novel and I think makes him grow into a better person. When we meet Carlos, he is a longer with no romantic relationships and a barely even there registering relationship with his brother. It’s so bad that he doesn’t even know his brother is using drugs on the daily. I haven’t really talked much about the antagonist in the novel much. Ruben is the opposing force in the novel. He is the boyfriend of David and the source of his addiction too. His main source of motivation is jealously. He can’t stand to see David with anyone else, even if it is in friendship. He goes to great lengths to keep David for himself. In reality, Ruben had no grudge with Carlos, but it is his actions towards David that bring him head to head with Carlos eventually. I know also try to bring into the community into picture and show how setting can be an important factor in a novel. I plan to bring that up next time. We will talk about Valley City as a whole and its neighborhood Treasure Hills. Until next time.

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