Top five reasons to read my novel

Hey Everyone,

The best thing I love is when my friends give me lists of things that interest them. It’s kind of a short cut to learning more about them. In the spirit of learning about each other, I decided to make a top five list of reasons why you should read my upcoming novel Treasure Hills. Again, these are my opinions, and I am very biased towards myself but none the less, here we go:

  1. If you’ve never heard of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, then is your chance to learn about the border region of Texas. Although the setting is the fictional city of Valley City, the region is very much real. Our region is constantly in the news, whether its border wall issues, immigration scandals, or simply the many and varied Mexican restaurants in our area. Either way, this your chance to learn about our vibrant and diverse community.
  2. Do you have a love for mystery novels with a twist? Then my novel is for you. Although primarily following a detective solving a murder, it also houses a romantic subplot that might be something you are not expecting in the best kind of ways.
  3. Do you enjoy stories with strong male LGBTQ+ characters? My novel is littered with characters that drive a positive image forward of our community. My protagonist is an openly gay male police detective that works in the homicide division. My protagonist’s love interest is also a successful college graduate that returns home after his father is murdered. The relationships are what drives this novel forward.
  4. Do puzzles intrigue you? In my novel, as the protagonist learns more about the murder, clues are left beside that cause him to question the world around him. A keen eye will notice the clues that are being left by the antagonist. As the story culminates and the clues pile up, will you be lucky enough to guess the ending? Then my novel is for you.
  5. Lastly, do you enjoy reading novels that provide some sort of interaction with its writer? In the weeks leading up to its release, I plan to have Twitter spaces where I discuss the novel and focus on different characters each week. Even after its release, I will keep an active conversation on Twitter about the novel and your feedback. For me feedback is everything. I want to know everything you liked and didn’t like. All feedback is good feedback in my opinion.

There you go! As I mentioned, I will be active on Twitter about my novel and writing different blogs on my website where will take Q&A’s about various topics. I want to be as interactive as possible and keep everyone up to date on my novel’s launch. Thanks for allowing me to share a little about myself with you. Until next time.



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