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Treasure Hills is a novel about Detective Carlos Alvarado in Valley City, Texas. He is tasked with solving the murder of Santos Morelo, his high school ex Henry’s father. When his Henry comes back into town, he is further pressured to come up with results. To make matters worse, his brother David becomes involved with a drug dealer Ruben Delgado whose actions and connections put him on the suspect list for Carlos. Carlos must solve the murder and at the same time save his brother from falling in too deeply with Ruben while also navigating his feelings for Henry. Valley City has never been more exciting than this.

Treasure Hills (Working Title)


Chapter 8

            Carlos had woken up before his alarm had beeped as he did almost every day. He looked at his phone and it read 5:56 AM. It was time for a shower. Carlos’s house was quiet at this time of morning. His brother David was still asleep from working the late shift at Denny’s. He had been glad he had finally gotten a job, but he didn’t seem too excited about it. He hated to cook. Every time, he talked about going to work, he substituted the word hell for work. He hated dealing with people. Actually, he hated pretty much everything. After finishing his shower and getting dressed, he stopped for a moment at David’s door. It had been left open. David had fallen asleep in his work clothes and barely managed to take one shoe off. His room was the polar opposite of how Carlos kept the house. David had two piles of clothes which he called the dirty stuff and the still good enough to wear stuff. His room reeked Axe body spray and B.O. Unlike Carlos, David was a heavy sleeper and never woke up earlier than noon. He had that kind of lifestyle. The two of them hadn’t been close growing up and wasn’t until after their sister died, that they grew close. Being the only siblings left in the family, they gravitated towards each other. Their parents had moved out Valley City a decade ago to New Mexico where they went to retire. They sold the family home and just like that, David was left homeless. At the time, Carlos had just finished the academy and bought his first house. He opened his home to David and hasn’t left ever since. His mom used to send weekly texts asking Carlos to watch over David because he always had a hard time finding a job. There was a part of Carlos that wished that his parents hadn’t moved away. At least David would have a place to go to when things got tough. Their parents told everyone that they were moving because they had gotten a deal on a home in New Mexico. They were following their dreams to retire out west. It was more likely that they couldn’t bear to be around anyone or anything that reminded them of their daughter’s death. Carlos didn’t blame them for the move. After they left, it felt like the weight of the family had shifted to him and would never leave his side.

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